Rules of the game


To move all cards to the foundations.


Four Foundation piles, initially empty. Start building by moving an Ace to the empty foundation, followed by 2, then 3 and so on until King. Each foundation accepts cards of the same suit in ascending order only (UP IN SUIT), i.e. once you play the Ace of Spades on a particular foundation, you may only play 2 of Spades on that foundation, then 3 of Spades, upto the King.

18 Fans, initially dealt 3 face-up cards, except for the last two, which get only 2 face-up cards. Only the topmost card of a Fan can be moved. Fans can be built BOTH WAYS IN SUIT, i.e. if the topmost card of a Fan is Ten of Spades, then either Jack of Spades or Queen of Spades can be played onto it.


This is slightly different from the original Fan, which allows the Fans to be built only DOWN IN SUIT. This variation makes the game more interesting and easier to win. While playing the game, you can press F1 to get a list of Commands.




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