Forty Thieves

Rules of the game


To move all cards to the foundations.


One Double Deck (104 cards). Click on the deck to send the topmost card to the waste pile. In Tournament mode no redeals are permitted.

One Waste Pile, filled from the deck. You may not play any card onto the waste pile. Cards from the waste can be played either to the foundations or the tableaux.

Eight Foundation piles, initially empty. Start building by moving an Ace to the empty foundation, followed by 2, then 3 and so on until King. Each foundation accepts cards of the same suit in ascending order only (UP IN SUIT), i.e. once you play the Ace of Spades on a particular foundation, you may only play 2 of Spades on that foundation, then 3 of Spades, upto the King.

Ten Tableau piles, the first two are dealt 6 face-up cards, while the remaining get 5 face-up cards. Cards can be played onto the tableaux if they are one rank below or the same suit (DOWN IN SUIT) of the topmost card of the pile, i.e. if the topmost card is 10 of Spades, then only 9 of Spades can be played on that pile. Only the top card of a Tableau may be moved. Double-clicking the topmost card of a tableau pile will send it to the foundation. This is a shortcut for the sometimes tedious drag-and-drop. An empty tableau may be filled by playing any card onto it. The Tableaux initially hold 4 cards each.


This game is difficult to win. Try to get an empty Tableau as soon as possible.




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