To move all cards to the foundations.


Four Foundation piles, initially empty. Start building by moving an Ace to the empty foundation, followed by 2, then 3 and so on until King. Each foundation accepts cards of the same suit in ascending order only (UP IN SUIT), i.e. once you play the Ace of Spades on a particular foundation, you may only play 2 of Spades on that foundation, then 3 of Spades, upto the King.

Seven Tableau piles, initially dealt between 0 and 6 face-down cards, then 1 face-up card is dealt to the first tableau, followed by 5 face-up cards on each of the remaining tableaux. Cards can be played onto the tableaux if they are one rank below and of a different color (DOWN IN ALTERNATE COLOR) than the topmost card of the pile, i.e. if the topmost card is 10 of Spades, then either 9 of Hearts or 9 of Diamonds can be played on that pile. Groups of cards may be moved between tableaux by drag-and-drop. Double-clicking the topmost card of a tableau pile will send it to the foundation. This is a shortcut for the sometimes tedious drag-and-drop. An empty tableau may only be filled by playing a King onto it.


As with most Solitaire games, the object is to get all cards face-up as soon as possible. Try keeping the foundations more or less equal in length. While playing, you can press the F1 key to get a list of commands.

original: http://www.siteexperts.com/games/solitaire/yukon/page1.asp



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